Version 39 of HoloBuilder just released.


The new version 39 of HoloBuilder is now available, with a lot of cool new features and improvements.

Visit to try it out!

- project saving by strg+s 
- no saving dialog if project is already stored on server
- local saving of project while saving to server. So you can open a last project from local storage if you close browser
- 2dModels aka "Images on 3d scene" now will be saved separately and only once if you clone it or insert by datapicker more than once. Also, they will be load asynchrone in project back, while loading project from cloud.
- 2d, 3d, sphere markers are stored also separatelly
- point clouds save/load logic from server
- new project version v.2.2->v.2.3 
- importer for 3d assets search (
- endpoint for creating template project
- bugfix on existing project name by creating and canceling new one
- meta keywords added
- menu buttons positions switched (delete / clone)
- sidebar always atomatically collapsed
- open recent project on start screen
- trigger a command in player mode, also if there an overlay object
- counting / showing of project views in player / editor mode
- 3d text in scene
- pin / unpin slides panel
- new zip library -> you can upload models >100 mb (maximum not tested)
- switching back from player mode in editor mode
- no slide panel on start of player mode
- saving of shared projects in own projects
- projects are sorted by its modification date decr
- fullscreen mode 
- layout for mobile player 
- FUEs "Stop tutorial" state saved in local storage (not will be shown after refresh for not logged in user)
- right asset name by saving on server
- warning by refresh or close page in editor mode
- don't ask about project conversion in player mode
- project details loading by load recent project
- saving of thumbnails for slides
- thumbnail right resizing
- download of some projects as .holo was corrupt
Try HoloBuilder  for your 360° projects!

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    • Hi Jessy Lee,

      thank you a lot for your comment, you are welcome. We really like your tool and the features it provides.

      Stay tuned for future updates of, there will be many exciting new developments and stuff to come in the near future.

      Best regards,

      The HoloBuilder Team

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