Change the color of your sheet’s waypoints

This feature is only available for Construction Solution and Enterprise Dashboard users. Necessary permission: Enterprise Admin, Group Manager or Project Manager as well as Project Owner and Project Admin of new construction solution and enterprise projects.   Changing the color of the waypoints of a sheet can help to better highlight them on the sheet in general.[…]

HoloBuilder 360 SiteStream: Learn all details about how to set-up your own live streaming solution for 360° real-time construction progress monitoring.

How to Set-Up 360 SiteStream for Real-Time Construction Site Monitoring

  1 Hardware requirements In order to work with 360 SiteStream, please check to meet the following requirements: Supported 360° camera: Ricoh Theta V JobWalk app compatible smartphone Site setup with wifi and power source 1.1 360° camera The 360 SiteStream HoloBuilder integration only works with the Ricoh Theta V cameras as this app will be[…]

DeepSearch for your projects

How to search through your project

General use With DeepSearch you can search your projects for scenes and sheets. The possibly large list of sheets and scenes will be reduced according to the entered search term to only display the results containing the said search term. The search also considers only letter combinations for intelligent project searching. Functionalities DeepSearch is a simple[…]

How to integrate the HoloBuilder plug-in for Revit

 Export your 3D models directly from Revit as 360° tour into HoloBuilder to continue documenting progress with the web editor or JobWalk app. Get more information on the HoloBuilder plug-in for Revit here. 1 Installing the Plug-In 2 Create a HoloBuilder tour within Revit 2.1 Switch to sheet view 2.2 Place 360 views 2.3 Edit views[…]

Use Google Maps data for site plans with GPS to capture 360° images with location-accuracy

Integrate the JobWalk app with Google Maps for GPS Capturing. Geolocated Capture, a new feature within HoloBuilder’s JobWalk app, allows you to capture massive open space projects with ease. Using the GPS location of your mobile device, the JWA locates you and automatically shows you where on the floor plan you are located with a blue pin,[…]

How to use Categories and Filters in HoloBuilder

Work even more effectively by filtering all 360° images of your project according to individually set categories. 1 About Categorization 2 Managing the categories 2.1 Creating new categories 2.2 Delete categories 2.3 Edit categories 3 Categorizing the 360° scenes 3.1 In the web editor 3.2 Categorizing with the JobWalk app 4 Applying the filter 4.1[…]


How to use SplitScreen for TimeTravel comparison

1 About The HoloBuilder SplitScreen feature helps you compare two different 360° images with each other. As for now, it can be used to compare two TimeTravel scenes, meaning the comparison of two different points in time, accessible through the TimeTravel feature. The two 360° images will be displayed as if having two HoloBuilder player[…]