How to show or hide object groups in HoloBuilder

With HoloBuilder it is possible to group any number of objects in a scene to hide or show these objects collectively.

Create a group

Navigate to the first tab (‘Organize your Objects‘) in the right-hand side panel. Here you will find an overview of all added 2D and 3D texts or objects. Single click on an object to select it or double click to rename it. This way you can better keep track of your objects.

Click the  button to add a group. Double click on the group name to change it if desired. Now, you can simply drag and drop any of the object listed above into the group folder. If a group folder contains one or more objects, you will be able to expand the folder content by clicking on the icon.

Remove objects from a group either by dragging and dropping the according object into another group folder or even no group at all. Alternatively, you can also remove the object completely, by selecting it and clicking on the recycling bin .

Hide or show groups

Any object group will be visible in a scene by default. However, you can change whether a group of objects should show or not when you are first loading a scene. Set the checkmark to have your object group shown when loading a scene. Remove the checkmark to hide the group by default.

Note that, when deselecting the checkmark, your objects contained in that group will also disappear from the scene in the editor. If you want to edit an object contained in a hidden group, it is best to first make the group visible again.

Attach the hide/show action

The hide/show functionality is an action which can be attached to any 2D or 3D object you plant in a scene. To show or hide an object group in the player, you need to add a kind of trigger. Select the object you want to use as a switch to hide or show any object groups. Open now the ‘Action menu’ either by right-clicking the selected object and choosing ‘Change action’ from the context menu, or navigating directly to the panel on the right and opening the tab .

Set the group you want to connect to the selected object in the pop-up that appears. You can only connect a single group to one object. Save and apply your action to finish up. Find an example project here.

Ask for help

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