How to add Sounds to your Holo on

HoloBuilder keeps on improving. With the latest version, the world of sound has been added to your creation possibilities with HoloBuilder. This short tutorial will explain how to include and manage individual sounds in your #holo.

To add sound in your personal Holo, first create a Virtual or Augmented Reality Holo and insert your desired 2D and/or 3D objects. Find out more about adding new 2D and 3D objects in our ‘Definite Guide to HoloBuilder‘. It is possible to add sounds either as .mp3 or .ogg audio files.

Select the object you want to add sound to and switch to the action menu  in the right-hand menu overview. Alternatively, you can right-click the object you want to add sound to and select ‘Add/Change action’ from the menu. The action menu will open in the right-hand menu overview. Proceed as described above.

Press the “Play Sound” button and the sound upload dialog box will open.

Now make a choice using the ‘SELECT FILE’ button or drag and drop the audio file you want to add to your object and wait for the upload to complete. Usually, this shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Select a Sound File to Upload

Select a sound file to upload

Uploading Sound Process

Sound file is being uploaded


Et voilá! As soon as the upload is finished you can choose if you want to activate autostart. With autostart turned ON the audio file will be played as soon as your Holo is loaded. You can activate autostart if you want to set a certain mood by playing the sound on opening the Holo. If the sound is related only to a specific object, e.g. a bird chirp, then choose autostart OFF and the audio file will be played when the according element was clicked. A sound can be stopped any time by simply clicking the same object again. The sound will start from the beginning when the object is clicked once again. Each activated sound will play the whole length of the file once and then stop.

If you do not want your sound to stop while viewing a scene, you can turn on the toggle switch ‘Repeat’ and the file will be played in a loop.

Note: You can not add sound to continue playing over multiple scenes. A sound will play only as long as the according scene is shown. When changing to the next scene, the sound playing will stop.

The sound feature plays stereo sound which adapts to the orientation of your Holo when viewing it. To set a more natural surrounding, you can position your sound triggers in the Holo accordingly. When turning around, the source of the sound will be fixed to a certain location and the sounds you hear will dynamically adapt to your orientation in the Holo as if you were really there.

Choose another file to add, instead of your already uploaded file, by clicking the ‘Select another file’ button.

Uploading Sound Process

Select another file

The following Holo shows the two play mode possibilities. The birds twittering will be playing directly (autostart ON) while the owl sound starts after you pressed the owl (autostart OFF).

That’s currently all there is to know about sounds in HoloBuilder. Have fun creating you own #holos with sound and enjoy your endless possibilities. In case of any questions that are not covered by this tutorial or if you have suggestions for improvements please do not hesitate to contact us or write us on!