How to add 2D and 3D Text to your HoloBuilder Creations

A picture is worth a thousand words, but some messages can’t be delivered by the image alone. Therefore, HoloBuilder offers the possibility to add 2D as well as 3D text to your scenes.

2D & 3D text in HoloBuilder

Make use of a variety of fonts and settings to customize your textual content and choose between two-dimensional and three-dimensional fonts depending on your project’s design. 2D fonts keep constantly oriented towards the viewer whereas 3D fonts can be rotated into any fixed orientation, blending into the surroundings according to the perspective of the viewer.

To add a 2D or 3D text to your HoloBuilder project, simply click the   icon in the right-hand sidebar. Go to the tab ‘ Custom Text & Objects’. Select the dimension of the text layout you want to add by clicking either the ‘A2D‘ or ‘A3D‘ button. 

2D Text 

2D text editor HoloBuilder

The 2D text feature offers all the usual settings of plain text implementation and is especially useful to insert short description or similar text segments as well as lists of bullet points and enumerations. Insert line breaks to make long text excerpts lucid through blog formatting. 

Click on the button ‘A2D‘ to open the 2D text editor.


The 2D text feature offers four different textbox templates which can be used to better layout and highlight the inserted text segments. Chose a layout by clicking on the button ‘TEMPLATE’ in the menu bar of the 2D text editor. 2D text textbox templates

Font size

There is no prior setting for a font size – simply move, scale, delete and clone your 2D text using the according tools like with any other 2D or 3D object.

Font color

Adjust the color of your 2D text preferably in the 2D text editor. Click on the arrow next to the colored ‘A‘ in the text editor. You will find to color pallets, one for the background and one for the actual text.

Please note that if you color your text here in any other color than white, any colors given with the color changing tool as described for 3D text (see below) will only be added on top of that color and result in some kind of mixed color. To be able to use the coloring feature, you need to make your original text white.

Source code

You can add 2D text comfortably with a simple text editor. Choose your font style and text layout from some pre-defined sets. For advanced customization click on the source code symbol to view the HTML source code of the text. Change your code according to common HTML conditions.


Once you have added your text to the Holo you can change the size and color directly in the scene. Adjustments for layout and wording can be done by selecting the 2D text and clicking on the button for adding 2D text. 

3D Text

3D text editor in HoloBuilder

Adding 3D text gives you the possibility to adjust the right orientation of the text for a better perspective. Simply enter the text you want to be displayed in 3D and adjust color, font, weight as well as the depth of your text design. Handle your added 3D text the same way as any 3D model: change the location, rotation, and scale, delete or even clone it with the tools displayed in your editing area. 

Advice: Use 3D text preferably for short text elements since there is no line break possible. 

Font size

There is no prior setting for a font size – simply move, scale, delete and clone your 3D text using the according tools like with any other 2D or 3D object.

Font color

Change the color after adding the 3D text to your project by either selecting the object in the current scenes’ object overview  in the right-hand sidebar or by directly clicking on the object in the working area. Change the color of the selected text object by using the “Pick a color” button below the list of added 2D and 3D objects.

Alternatively, you can right-click the 3D text you want to adjust the color of and select ‘Change Color‘ from the context menu.

Beware: Once you have added your text to the Holo you can only change the size and color. Adjustments for layout and wording are not possible anymore! You need to delete your current text and start new.

Change the color or 3D text in HoloBuilder


Now it is your turn! Go ahead and start enhancing your HoloBuilder content with new amazing text options. If you have any questions concerning 2D or 3D text or even something completely different, please do not hesitate to write us at! We would really like to hear your opinion about HoloBuilder.