HoloPlayer App BETA for iOS & Android in a nutshell

UPDATE May 2017:

Please note that the HoloPlayer app is currently not available for download!
The beta phase of the first version has ended. We are currently working on an all new version that will very likely be available within the next 3 month.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

HoloPlayer Beta App Title Icon

The HoloPlayer App BETA is available for iOS and Android!

Show your HoloBuilder projects to anybody, anytime, anywhere – with the mobile HoloPlayer App beta.

The HoloPlayer beta app enables you to display all content created within HoloBuilder. Use the app to show your digital job walk to your co-workers when you don’t have a computer at hand, or give them insights to a different scenario right from where you currently are. Apply Augmented Reality to increase the efficiency and reduce costs by sharing your instructions with live, directly where they are needed.

1) Download the HoloPlayer beta app
2) The app
Find your projects
View external HoloBuilder projects
3) View your projects
Select HoloBuilder projects from the library
Scan QR Code
Navigate your HoloBuilder project

Learn more about how to create a virtual tour or set up your Augmented Reality instructions.

1) Download the HoloPlayer beta app

Download the beta version of the current Android AR app here. Install the Android beta version as noted in the instructions. If you have any problems during the installation process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. To test the app on iOS, please write us an email and we will send you an invite to the iOS test version by email.

Google Play HoloPlayer beta app download      HoloPlayer beta app invite request by email

As the app is still in beta phase, some functionalities might not work reliably. A fully functional mobile app will be available in the near future. It would be great if you could support us by sending us your feedback with your personal experience when using either app. We are constantly trying to optimize the mobile AR & VR experience and enhance the usability according to your use case. Thus, any (general) feedback is very welcome and valuable to us, so please let us know whatever you might notice.

2) The app

HoloPlayer on iOS/Android - Main Menu

When opening the HoloPlayer beta app you will first see the main menu as shown in the image above. From the main menu, you can either browse your personal projects – here also called Holos -, directly open recently viewed projects in the fast overview or explore a specific projects by scanning the unique QR code of the project. You can always come back to the main menu to select another Holo by clicking the arrow  in the upper left corner as shown in the image below.

Please note that this is just a Beta version of the HoloPlayer beta app and that it is still under development. Thus, the performance may be not optimal in some aspects, such as loading and reaction time. Furthermore, this tutorial ist made with the Android app. When using the HoloPlayer beta app for iOS, you might notice some small differences in design but the overall functionality works for both operation system the same.


HoloPlayer on iOS - Log-In Screen

When first using the HoloPlayer beta app, you need to log into your account to synchronize your HoloBuilder projects. Browse for your personal projects by clicking on the tile ‘My Holos’. If you did not log in before, you will now be asked to enter your login credentials.

Alternatively, you can sign in with a login code. A login code simplifies the login process by providing a simple code combination or QR code. This way you do not have to enter complicated passwords on your mobile device. Simply click on the browser icon in the upper right corner and request your login code by opening the URL HoloBuilder.com/login on any device, e.g. the device you are already signed into your HoloBuilder account. Copy the login code and paste it at the according spot, or scan the generated QR code when clicking the button ‘Or Scan Login QR Code’ in the app (see below).

HoloPlayer on iOS - Log-In Code


Note: Since the login code is copied to the clipboard when clicking the button, it is recommended to use the same device you are currently trying to log into the HoloPlayer beta app.

Request login code

Find your personal projects

Find any of your created HoloBuilder projects by either browsing your online projects, scanning the according QR code or looking at your recently opened projects.

My Holos

You can access your personal online library by clicking the tile ‘My Holos’. Select a Holo to view in the app. Once you viewed a Holo, it becomes available offline and can be viewed at any time.

Scanning a HoloBuilder project

Scan any of the provided QR codes to open your project or any other shared project directly in the HoloPlayer beta app.

Recently opened projects

If you have already used the app before, your recently viewed projects can be reached with the fast access tile ‘Recently Opened Holos’. HoloBuilder projects you have already viewed on a mobile device will be accessible offline on that device.

External Holos

If you do not yet have any projects of your own, you can easily access the HoloBuilder Explore Page to get a glimpse of what the HoloPlayer beta app holds for you. Simply select the tile ‘Public Holos’ in the main menu of the app. Choose a Holo of your liking from the list to experience mobile VR or AR.

3) View your projects

The HoloPlayer beta app provides a variety of functionalities which help you share, experience and demonstrate your AR and VR tours. E.g., you can direct your virtual tour with the help of a floor plan overlay, remotely navigate a group of viewers through a project or view a tour interactively by cardboard.

Note: Since the app is still in its beta state, the performance might be limited in some cases, e.g. interaction reaction or loading time, especially of larger 3D models.

Select a HoloBuilder project from the library

Open your personal library or the list of external HoloBuilder projects and download the according project you want to access. Note that if you haven’t downloaded a project before, you need an established internet connection to first open it. If you want to view a project you already have opened before, you can simply reopen it from the list of ‘Recently Opened Holos’.

Scan QR code

HoloPlayer on iOS - Log-In Screen

As an alternative to selecting a Holo from your library, you can scan the according QR code of the Holo to open it in the HoloPlayer beta app. The QR can be found in the sharing options of your Holo in the HoloBuilder editor as shown in the image above. Copy or save the QR code image file by right-clicking on the code, e.g. to print the QR code.

In HoloPlayer beta app, select the tile ‘Scan QR Code’ and point your mobile device’s camera towards the QR code, e.g. on the computer screen or a printout. Adjust the distance between the QR code and the mobile device if the project doesn’t load right away.

Navigate your HoloBuilder project

Within an opened project there are different navigation options. The navigation menu is located on the bottom of your project. When orienting onto the ‘sign-out’ icon the other options will appear in a circle around it. Select an option either by tapping on an icon or trigger the action in sensors mode by pointing and holding the white dot onto the according icon until the action is completed.

Standard menu

cardboard  Activate (white) or deactivate (gray) the cardboard mode.

compass  Activate (white) or deactivate (gray) the mobile devices sensors for hands-free navigation.

left right  Jump back and forth between the previous and next scenes.

close  Close current project and go back to the previous screen, e.g. ‘My Holos’ or ‘Scan QR Code’.

Additional Options

location If available, open floor plan for direct navigation to a selected scene.

menu  Show links to each scene of a project if no links to other scenes are added by the creator.

Additional Settings

Select the tile ‘Settings’ in the main menu to activate additional interaction options for your HoloBuilder projects. Once a setting as been activated, it will stay on until deactivated again in the settings even after restarting the app.