Custom textured shapes in holobuilder v67

The next level of individual creativity: custom textures in new holobuilder version 67

Our developers just deployed a new version (namely 67) of holobuilder that provides amazing unique features, setting it even further apart from competition as a one-of-a-kind web tool: You can now add 3D shapes with custom textures to your creations! This means that you can add any picture you like to one of five pre-defined 3D objects and place them right[…]

Image Preprocessing in holobuilder v64

If you don’t go forward, you go backwards: HoloBuilder has evolved to version 64

Since the last developer blog post some time has passed, but that does not mean that nothing happened during that time: We have just been busy making HoloBuilder even better! Today we finally reached version 64, which includes many improvements. Highlight: Image preprocessing with automatic/custom filters directly within HoloBuilder improves image quality! All uploaded 360° photos can be fine-tuned with three individual[…]

holobuilder v. 57 with amazing new image quality due to image slicing

Nothing less than a revolution in image quality: holobuilder v. 57 is here!

Over the last weeks our developers worked really hard, with a strong focus on image quality and processing. They were aiming to provide nothing less than the best image quality thats actually attainable these days, right within holobuilder. As expected they were finally successful and the result is the all new holobuilder v. 57 with stunning image quality for[…]

HoloBuilder v. 48

Better Than Ever: HoloBuilder Version 48 is Online

Some time has passed since the last developer post announcing version 41 of, but that does not mean that the developers did not work  harder than ever. Since then a lot has changed and the whole experience has become even better. To outline what is waiting for you we will give you an overview in[…]

Version 41 of HoloBuilder is online.

A new version of HoloBuilder has just gone online with some improvements. Just visit and take a look! Highlights: – 2d assets search + refactoring in sidebartools section – key performance indicators v1, i.e.: created projects & viewed presentations – update meta properties (used by sharing link e.g. on g+) – tracking for project modifications,[…]

Version 40 of HoloBuilder is live.

A few moments ago the amazing new version 40 of HoloBuilder just gone live. It provides many cool new features and changes that did not happen only “under the hood”, e.g. the all new amazing landing page. Just visit and take a look! Changelog – new landing page! – new animations – default fov[…]

Version 39 of HoloBuilder just released.

The new version 39 of HoloBuilder is now available, with a lot of cool new features and improvements. Visit to try it out! Changelog features: – project saving by strg+s  – no saving dialog if project is already stored on server – local saving of project while saving to server. So you can open[…]